UNISOL NEATSFOOT OIL - A fatliquring additive giving leather extra lubricity, a rich feel and improves leather tensile strength.  (Technical information)

UNISOL FISH OIL - Is a specially selected, refined and standardized fish oil.  (Technical information)

ATLAS LEATHER OIL 88 -  is a synthetic oil-based oiling-off system for crust leather, which provides a rich surface lubrication, pull-up effect and enhanced water resistance.  (Technical information)

ATLAS LEATHER OIL 101 - is a versatile oiling off composition for vegetable or chrome tanned leathers where shade darkening and a two-tone pull-up effect is desired.  (Technical information)

ATLAS LEATHER OIL 90 - is an oiling-off compound for chrome and vegetable tanned leathers where two-tone effect for 'pull-up' is desired. It has also shown good water resistance on leathers.  (Technical information)

ATLAS LEATHER OIL FM - is a finishing oil specially designed as a hand feel modifier. FM makes a very light pull up without high-lighting the defects, and has a draggy feel.  (Technical information)

ATLAS LEATHER OIL SW - is an oiling-off compound for chrome and semi chrome leathers to promote oil pull up and feel while maintaining water resistance. SW may be applied to full grain, nubuck and splits.  (Technical information)

ATLASOL KLW - is a water-emulsifiable hot stuffing compound. Atlasol KLW is an excellent replacement product for traditional hot stuffing blends.  (Technical information)

EUREKA FDT -  is a skillfull blend of lanolin and high grade natural and synthetic Oils. It is designed as an Oiling off and "kicking grease" for fur dressing.  (Technical information)

EUREKA GFN-M - s a mixture of sulphated neatsfoot oil, bisulfited fish oil and lanolin, developed primarily to provide water resistance to leather.  (Technical information)