Vegetable Extracts

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Weibull Auto CF - is a modified Mimosa extract that provides high stability to light and heat. Due to the changes of its chemical structure, WEIBULL AUTO CF, results in an extract that provides extremely clear colour leathers, of high stability to light and heat, with distinct physical-mechanical results, maintaining particular characteristics of a vegetable tannin such as filling, buffing, print retention, retanning dispersion and uniform dying. WEIBULL AUTO CF was specifically developed for the production of upholstery leather (automotive and furniture) and is recommended for use in the retanning of a wide range of articles, such as leathers for shoe upper and the production of chrome free leathers.

Weibull Auto - is a modified Mimosa extract that provides high stability light and heat. Due to changes to its chemical structure, WEIBULL AUTO results in an extract that provides extremely light-coloured leather, keeping the particular characteristics of a vegetable tannin and, at the same time, meeting the high demands of the automotive market. WEIBULL AUTO is formulated from natural products and has been developed especially for the production of leathers for automotive and furninture upholstery. It is also recommended for use in the retanning of a wide range of items and the production of chrome-free leathers.

Weibull Extra Light - is a highly bleached mimosa extract, with a pleasent ivory-pearled aspect. WEIBULL EXTRA LIGHT is an extract for general usage and with uniform quality. It's appropriated to obtain leather in very light colours. Although its a discoloured extract, WEIBULL EXTRA LIGHT presents tannin content compatible with other normal mimosa's.

Clarotan X-8 - Double bleached mimosa extract with a very light colour. Mainly indicated for lightweight leather production.

Supertan - is a slightly clarified mimosa extract recommended in tanning and retanning of leather in general, in particular in tanning processes carried out in tanks, tank-drums and/or just drums. SUPERTAN imparts a pale colouration and good fibre compaction to tanned leather. When used in retanning, it provides good filling, efficient buffing characteristics and good embossing retention.

Weibull - Natural mimosa extract without any chemical bleaching. Excellent filling properties.

Weibull Black - Pure natural mimosa extract. Dark brown colour. High tannin content. Exceptional filling properties. Intensifies leather-dying process.

Weibull Roy Special - is a modified vegetable extract. It imparts a fine grain, fullness, excellent roundness and a good light resistance to the final articles.

Weibull Roy - An astringent extract. Ideal for sole leather process. Gives good weight yield and compaction. Fullness, tight and fine grain when used in the retannage of chrome leather. Excellent for waterproof leathers.

Mimosa Loepard Solid Wattle Plus - is a solid mimosa extract with homogeneous quality for general use and a very light colour, recommended for static processes. MIMOSA LEOPARD SOLID WATTLE PLUS gives tanned hides a very clear hue and rapid penetration, a result of its low astringency. It has an excellent level of dissolution, which makes it suitable for use in tanks and drum-tumblers. Due to its concentration, it produces leathers with good filling and high yield.

Mimosa Onca Solid Wattle - is a general use, light coloured, solid mimosa extract recommended for use in static processes.

Weibull Solid C - is a general use, natural colour, solid mimosa extract for static processes. It is soluable in both tap and hot water. It has the following charateristics for vegetable tannage:Efficient penetration, good fixation and excellent yield.



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KPN (Normal Chestnut Extract) - Is used in tannages of skins when full, firm and compact leathers are required. It is especially fit for tannage of sole leather. The leather becomes waterproof and resistant to light. KPN is in the group of pyrogallolizable (hydrolizable) tannins. The active ingredients are mainly glycosides castalagin and vescalagin. It is an aromatized dust, of light brown colour.

KPS (Sweetened Chestnut Extract) - Designed for tanning soft vegetable tanned saddlery leather. KPS is part of a neutralised sulfated pyrogallol tannins. Its active substances are mainly glycosides and vescalagin. KPS is a type of chestnut extract with lower astringency and modified proportion salt:sugar.

KPS Special (Sweetened Chestnut Extract) - is most suitable at making brighter colours of vegetable tanned leather. It penetrates leather outstandingly, gives leather equally bright colour, softness and elasticity at the same time. KPS Special is a natural sweetened chestnut extract with a lowered astringency, made with a special procedure.

OLS (Oak Extract) - Oak extract is the ideal tannin for leather that needs to be firm, waterproof and long lasting. OLS is a natural modified vegetable extract, light brown in colour, with splendid tanning qualities and lowered harshness. It penetrates leather and equally binds on skin fibres. OLS is highly soluable in water and it blends excellently with other sorts of tannins.