Offical agent


Tansin VP - Auxiliary syntan for better penetration and dispersion of vegetable tannin materials and colours.

Tansin SG - Replacement syntan for post tanning white leather.

Tansin UN - Universal substitutive syntan for post-tanning leather.

Promin F - Replacement syntan for selective filling of leather.

Promin O - Replacement syntan for bleaching vegetable leather.

Promin RFA - Pitch for post tanning chrome leather.



Official Agent


Syntac 54 - Is a phenolic syntan specially suitable for leathers of white or light and pale colouring. Syntac 54 was developed to produce equalized dyeing with good light fastness resistance, producing firm, smooth and fine grain.

Syntac CS - It's recommended to increase the yield and complement the fixation of vegetable extracts. Syntac CS is suitable for all types of sole leather and saddlery.

Syntac DC - is a naphthalenic double condensed tannin with excellent dispersion and penetration characteristics in leather dyeing. Due to its low astringency, Syntac DC is recommended as a dispersant for dyestuffs, tannins and other anionic products without         over loading the grain. In vegetable taning, it prevents tanning precipitation in floats resulting in leather with flexible grain. In dyeing it provides excellent colour equalisation, even in pastel shades. Recommended for a wide range of articles.

Syntac FL - is a phenolic base substitution tannin providing good light fastness. It is recommended in the production of white and light pastel coloured leather.

Syntac IS - is a composition of inorganic salts and organic acids used for sequestering iron ions and helping bleach leathers. Syntac IS is recommended to use as a complex agent over metal ions, removing spots and stains caused by them over the leather surface.

Syntac NN - is a naphthalenic condensation tannin with excellent dispersion and penetration characteristics. Due to its low astringency, Syntac NN is recommended as a dispersant to achieve thorough penetration of dyestuffs, tanins and other anionic products without overloading the grain. In vegetable tanning, it offers excellent colour equalisation even in pastel shades. Recommended in the production of a wide range of articles.

Syntac RIF - Is a retanning agent free phenol / formaldehyde content especially designed to accomplish the requirements of childrens shoes and sofa producers. It is also suitable for white leathers and its usage on the retannage of skins (goat, lamb, deer etc) improves the fullness on the flanks.